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Timber Blade Ceiling Fans Available At Wholesale Rates

Why live beneath a dull and old ceiling fan when you can install the most stylish and energy-efficient fan with a worthwhile investment? Nowadays, wooden ceiling fans have made a comeback in the Australian market. Due to better technology and all-round innovation, you will find that timber blade ceiling fans are among the most popular. 

If you’re thinking of buying a timber ceiling fan online, be sure to buy the real deal, as many of them have a”timber look” without being authentic, natural timber.

Welcome To Timber Fans - Designer Timber Blade Ceiling Fans

You need a reliable ceiling fan supplier when you move into a new house, don’t you? And at Timber Fans Australia, that’s precisely what you’re getting. Not only do we supply our timber ceiling fans to private homes, but we also deliver high-end products to hotels, Golf Estates, Lodges, and other commercial entities. Our designs are contemporary, and we stock a beautiful range of authentic timber ceiling fans in the store.

Before establishing ourselves in Australia a few years ago, we had a firm foothold in the overseas market. You can trust our name regarding the supply of modern timber ceiling fans. That is why we are presenting a stylish collection of timber blade ceiling fans for our customers - The Monaco Collection.

The Monaco Collection - Designer Ceiling Fans

We proudly present our imported range of timber ceiling fans that will undoubtedly amplify the beauty of your interiors. These ceiling fans are available at wholesale rates, and you can purchase them straight from our website. Yes, it’s that easy. You will find a range of metal fittings, from Brushed  Steel to Black or White, to complement each timber blade ceiling fan in our Monaco collection. These fans have a long lifespan and save a lot of energy while running in your house.

Our range of colours and natural wood finishes:

  • Whitewash Monaco
  • Ash Grey Monaco
  • Natural Monaco
  • Country Oak Monaco
  • Walnut Monaco

It’s very easy to purchase a wooden fan on our website; you can also ask our team to help you out! Some products are available for pre-order, so get in early to reserve yours!

Benefits Of Our Timber Ceiling Fans

Being one of the leading suppliers in Sydney, we must let you know all the benefits of our services and products. >

  • Our handcrafted timber blade ceiling fans are durable, stylish, and contemporary in design.
  • These timber ceiling fans are powered with a DC motor, which is highly efficient against the traditional AC power-based fans, and has a built-in AC converter.
  • The anti-clockwise rotation option in our ceiling fans is noteworthy as it allows you to retain heat inside the room during extremely cold winters. 
  • We use a superior quality bearing and shaft in these fans, so you can expect them to last for years to come. 
  • Furthermore, the blades are made with Paulownia, which is lightweight but highly durable and suitable for private homes!  
  • We are a family owned and operated business, of South African origin, and are here to help and assist in whatever way we can.

However, you can always give us a ring and ask our experts at Timber Fans Australia for yourself! 

Trust Our Superior Craftsmanship - Get A Quote Today

You can contact our sales team to find out the details for delivery, payment, and specifications of our timber ceiling fans. Or you can simply get all these details on our website. We will get back to you with a quote via text or email, whichever you prefer, or simply purchase online.! 

Prices include GST