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Designer Timber Fans Supply In Australia

With modern ceiling fans, you receive a mix of aesthetics, excellent air circulation and energy efficiency elements in one fixture. You will see a range of designer timber ceiling fans becoming popular in the Australian market. And the sheer number of options you get with design, blade style, and metal fittings are all things to consider. One such place where you can buy ceiling fans online and have them delivered anywhere in Australia is Timber Fans Australia. 

Why put up with a ceiling fan that results in high electricity bills, looks extremely dull and doesn’t complement the decor of your house? You should replace the old fan with a timber fan, right out of our imported Monaco collection. You should definitely explore our imported collection for your wood ceiling fan requirements.

Welcome To Timber Fans Australia - Home To Handcrafted Ceiling Fans

We are one of the most popular destinations for homeowners, interior designers and hotel owners, architects, etc., for the supply of wholesale and retail ceiling fans. Even though we are relatively new to the Australian market, our prior experience in the Indian Ocean Islands, South Africa and multiple European countries has prepared us for the Australian Market. We strive to handcraft the most resilient, stylish, and energy-efficient timber fans for areas across the Sydney region and Australia wide. 

In our Monaco collection, you will find a whole range of timber ceiling fans finishes with different metal fittings to choose from. Not only do they look stylish, but they also help you reduce the dependency on air conditioning during the summers. Used in conjunction with your air conditioner, which runs at a lower speed setting (or slightly higher temperature than the usual ice-cold setting youre used to running) you’ll see a drastic decline in the monthly electricity bills when you install our modern timber fans on your ceilings.

Why Buy Ceiling Fans From Us?

Ceiling fans are considered a permanent fixture in every house; they circulate the air and provide an alternative to air conditioning. Sometimes it’s worth investing in high quality timber fans which will last longer and provide more efficiencies, both economically and environmentally. When you have Timber Fans Australia at the ready, you never have to worry about the effiency, quality or design, as we have got you covered.

Environment-Friendly - Energy Efficient Cooling

We source sustainable timber (from Paulownia trees) from various parts of the world. There’s no harmful emission with these timber blades, and the fans remain functional for years and years to come. Besides, our timber fans are powered by DC motors, with built-in AC converters which gives you a better performance output at a low electricity input. In fact, these DC-powered motors take up to 70% less energy than their contemporary options in the market. Moreover, our timber fans come with a reverse-blade function, rotating the blades in the anti-clockwise direction. Due to this functionality, you can save heating bills during the winter seasons. 

Our timber fans are the perfect fit for your private homes, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial spots. So, visit our website now and explore your options today!

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