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Modern Wooden Ceiling Fans Supply In Australia

Has your family decided to go with wood ceiling fans? Then we appreciate this decision as natural wooden fans are fast becoming the must-have item in Australian households. Not only private homes, but you will see them hanging on the ceilings of hotels, restaurants and shops and offices. Fortunately for you, you have stumbled upon the website of Timber Fans Australia - one of the leading suppliers across Sydney and the whole of Australia. 

Now that you are sticking with your decision of buying wooden fans online in Australia, let us give you the best options regarding wood blade ceiling fans at the right price.

Our Monaco Collection - Handcrafted Wooden Ceiling Fans

Every homeowner has different ideas, budgets, & requirements when it comes to ceiling fans. And at Timber Fans Australia, we proudly present an exquisite collection of the finest timber fans for your homes, restaurants, golf estates, hotels, etc. You will find different kinds of wood blade ceiling fans in this collection, available on this page itself.

Over the years, hundreds of happy customers worldwide have bought their dream ceiling fan from our collection. That is why we urge you to do the same, and contact Timber Fans today! 

We offer a range of natural wood finishes, here at Timber Fans Australia:

  • Country Oak Monaco (Oak Timber Blades with Steel Fittings)
  • Natural Monaco (Natural Timber Blades with Steel Fittings)
  • White Monaco (Whitewash Timber Blades with Black Fittings)
  • Walnut Monaco (Brushed Steel Fittings) & Lots more! 

We have so much in store for our Sydney customers at Timber Fans. Just call us today or visit our website and make your purchase right away!

Why Buy Wooden Ceiling Fans From Us?

Now that you have gone through our designer timber fans collection, let’s see why you should purchase wooden fans from Timber Fans Australia. Below- we have shed some light on the key aspects of our company, our service delivery, and our after-sales commitment. We just don’t want to sell timber fans in your community; we want to become a part of it as well.

Unbeatable Quality

Our team takes the entire process of making wood blade ceiling fans very seriously. We put lots of dedicated hours in the assembly station to handcraft the perfect timber fan for our customers. You will undoubtedly appreciate and fall in love with our style,and blade pattern. Built to the highest quality of wooden fans that we carve out at Timber Fans! 

Here is the process through which the fans go through:

  • The wood blades for your ceiling fans are cut using a jig. 
  • The blades are trimmed, sanded and coated for protection and a polished look. 
  • The performance of the DC motors are tested before embedding them onto the wooden ceiling fans. 
  • At the assembly station, every  part is assembled to produce the final product.
  • Another group then tests quality, safety, and other aspects of the finished product before exporting them.

High Energy Efficiency

Timber Fans Australia has adopted various measures to deliver a highly energy-efficient product. We procure a sustainable source of timber from Paulownia, commonly found in Australia, China, and South East Asia. This allows us to deliver wooden timber fans that are lightweight, eco-friendly, and beautiful. What’s more, you have a 2 year warranty on your wooden fans, at least at Timber Fans Australia. 

Similarly, we use a DC motor to power each of the wooden fans in our Monaco collection, which has a built-in AC converter. That is why our customers save up to 70% of energy compared to the AC powered ceiling fans. Moreover, our fans also come with a reverse-blade rotation function, which keeps the temperature warm and cosy during the winters. So, you can see why people prefer our wood blade ceiling fans for their private homes, can’t you?

So, hurry and call us now!

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