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About Us

Our Story

As a long-standing family business, Timber Fans imports, retails and wholesales upmarket handcrafted timber ceiling fans for use in hotels, golf estates, guest lodges, game reserves and private homes across South Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean. Having recently established ourselves in Australia, we are proud to offer our newest premium imported range ~ The Monaco Collection, Australia-wide. Combining our experience and expertise with a sophisticated product range, we are able to deliver professional service excellence to our Australian retail and wholesale ceiling fan customers.

Unsurpassed Quality

Put together with superior quality timber and powered by precision-built imported DC motors, each timber ceiling fan is equipped with aircraft-quality bearings for a longer lifespan.

Individually hand-built and tested for perfect balance and whisper-quiet performance, our wooden ceiling fans are a statement of contemporary design & refinement which will enhance the aesthetics of any room.


Utilizing sustainably sourced timber (Learn More) and designed with energy efficiency in mind, all our fans are powered by DC motors. DC motor fans use up to 65% less energy than fans with traditional AC motors, allowing you to stay cool for less than one cent an hour! (Most ceiling fans generally use around the same amount of power as a 60 watt light globe, approximately 3 cents an hour) Additionally, by using our reverse-blade function (clockwise) you can reduce your heating costs in winter. The reverse motion of the blades pushes the warm air from your heater up to the ceiling and back down the walls, recirculating the warm air and resulting in energy savings of up to 10%.

True Craftsmanship ~ Our Process

Hand Cut & Match

The individual ceiling fan blades are cut by hand using a jig. Blades are then roughly matched for weight, wood grain texture and pattern into sets of three.

Sand & Seal

They are then sanded, edge-trimmed and sealed or coated. Then they are weighed again and a final matching into sets of three takes place.

Inspection & testing

Our high quality imported fan motors are subjected to a rigorous process of inspection and testing before being passed for transfer to the assembly section


At the assembly station, each ceiling fan takes final form as the individual components are assembled by hand.

Quality control & compliance

Our highly experienced quality control team adheres to a strict system to comply with safety standards. Each ceiling fan is tested for: balance, rpm’s, sound pressure, air volume and electricity consumption.Tolerance levels are tight and any unit not making the grade will be rejected and substituted.


The final step is to send the completed ceiling fan for packaging where they are expertly and securely packed for collection or delivery throughout the country or for export

Environmentally Conscious Timber Sourcing

The timber blades of our fans are made from Paulownia, a deciduous hardwood species native to Australasia, China, and other parts of South East Asia . Being a fast grower, Paulownia is light in weight but nevertheless has amongst the highest strength to weight ratios of any wood in the world. It is beautifully evenly grained with silky, satin appearance and the wood dries to a light honey to blond colour. Being low in resins and free of volatile oils, it is easily sanded, worked and moulded and is tolerant to staining, painting or polishing. In addition to being light and strong, Paulownia has great sound absorption qualities as well as buoyancy, making it a favourite for the manufacture of surfboards, musical instruments and for marine construction. The timber used in our blades is made from 3 ply laminated boards of Paulownia with each ply being 15mm thick giving an overall 45mm thickness. The blades are cut and fashioned by hand from these solid laminated boards. The result is an incredibly strong and durable solid timber blade which will not warp or crack. The technique of lamination is universally applied when working with timber in order to increase strength and stability. Our Paulownia is sourced from plantation growers and grown in accordance with ecological principles of sustainability and resource utilisation.