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Designer Ceiling Fans in Australia

Are you considering a new ceiling fan for your home? Maybe you are building a new home or looking to add value to an existing room. If you look at many of the ceiling fans that are out there, you will see many thans that are made from aluminum or ABS synthetic materials. These fans are often unattractive and will clash with the existing decor of your home. Even though you may think that people don't take notice of your ceiling fan, it is a permanent fixture that should have elegance, style, and have high-performing cooling ability.

Timber Fans solves many problems that Australian homeowners have. Our fans are aesthetically pleasing and have been handcrafted with care to deliver the best performance possible. In addition to being better for the environment and delivering great performance, timber is also somewhat better for your home since ABS materials used in certain types of ceiling fans can actually release low levels of toxicity into the air over time. Let's take a look at some of the features of our wooden fans that are handcrafted with care.

Fashion and Design Start With Precision Products

We believe that design and fashion start with precision products. All of our fan blades are made from Paulownia wood that is sourced from Australia and other countries in the region. This is the preferred wood for several different reasons. First of all, Paulownia has a pleasing aesthetic and it is extremely durable. Secondly, this wood has great sound-absorption abilities, which is one of the many reasons that our fans are whisper-quiet.

The process through which our high-quality fans go is also one of the reasons that our products make a great investment that adds value to any room. Here is how our fans are carefully handcrafted:

  • Each individual fan blade is hand cut with a jig before each blade is matched by weight and grain into sets of three.
  • After each blade is sanded and sealed, each DC motor is tested to make sure that it works correctly.
  • Each fan is assembled by hand and stress-tested for balance, RPMs, sound pressure, and energy consumption.

Also, the bearings used in our fans are the same type that are used in the aircraft industry. Fans that are made with ABS materials and other processes do not have the same load-bearing properties, so they will not last as long as our handmade timber fans.

In addition, our timber fans are also very easy to use. Each fan comes with a remote control that lets you effortlessly adjust the settings.

Energy Efficiency Is Also a Fashion Statement

One of the things that is nice about our fans is that they are highly energy efficient. We use technology called a BLDC motor (brushless DC). These types of motors use a permanent magnet as a rotor. This technology is one of the reasons that our fans are 70% more efficient than AC fans. Our energy-efficient fans use about as much energy per hour as a 60-watt light bulb.

Quiet Ceiling Fans That Are Fashionable

In addition to being fashionable and energy-efficient, our high-quality timber fans are immensely quiet. At the lowest settings, you can't hear any noise and our fans are truly whisper-quiet. Some of the things that make our fans whisper-quiet include:

  • The sound absorption qualities of the wood they are built from.
  • The BLDC motor, which uses a permanent magnet to do most of the work.
  • Each blade is matched based upon weight when the fan is built, meaning that there is no noise from wobbling.

Making Your Home Fashionable With Designer Ceiling Fans

Our goal is for our fans to add value to your room. Many of the top destinations throughout the world use fans from Timber Fans. Here are some ideas for how you can use our fans to make your room look even more fabulous:

  • Match the color of your fan to the look and feel of your room. For example, our Ash Grey Monaco fan wood looks good in a room with a darker hue, while our whitewash colors would look good in a lighter room.
  • If you are looking to add value to a room with a fireplace, you might consider placing the fan directly above the fireplace.
  • Our fans look great in areas where people gather; such as placed centrally above the gathering area in your living room or over your dining room table.
  • Sometimes, different color themes may make a room look more inviting. If you have dark furniture, the whitewash colors in our Monaco room might add a nice contrast.

You can also use our ceiling fans in communal areas. If you are looking to cool an office space, you can use our natural wood fans to provide comfort while people work without the distraction of a noisy air conditioner or a ceiling fan made from other materials. You can even install our fans on outdoor patios, provided that they are fully protected from wind, rain, and the weather.

You can also use our fans on angled our vaulted ceilings. Just make sure that the builder has provided a wedge for placement of the fan as well as one of our down rods. This will ensure that your fan blades do not make contact with your wall. Our fans will add a nice look and feel, as well as function to areas of your home or office with an angled or vaulted ceiling.

Our Brand Promise

Another thing that makes our fans fashionable is our no-nonsense warranty for all of our Australian customers. Our Monaco fans are covered by a two-year warranty and our accessories, including the remote control, receiver, and hanging bracket, are covered by a one-year warranty.