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Luxury, Designer Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are often an afterthought in a new home or when someone is redesigning a current room. Sometimes, a low-quality ceiling fan will not add a tremendous amount of design aesthetic to match the look and feel of a room. Other types of problems with low-quality ceiling fans are that they can be noisy, wobbly, and are often a distraction. Timber Fans offers high-quality, luxury ceiling fans for customers in Australia.

Luxury Ceiling Fans Made With Wood

TImber Fans uses Paulownia wood for its timber fans, which is native to Australia. This wood has several benefits:

  • Paulownia is super light, but also has incredible strength-to-weight ratios, which creates durability in terms of design.
  • This wood is evenly grained and has a blonde color, which makes it match many different room and furniture designs.
  • This wood is great with sound absorption, which is why we can say our timber fans are whisper-quiet.

What Adds Luxury to Ceiling Fans

Timber Fans produces high-quality, luxurious wooden fans that are used by hotels, games reserves, and other companies throughout the world. Aside from merging function and style, our fans can help raise the value of a room, whether it be at a hotel or in your home. Our fans are also eco-friendly, offering 70% energy savings.

The luxury of our ceiling fans begins with how they’re made. Every aspect of the design and product process revolves around handcrafting. Some notable elements of our process include:

  • Each fan blade being hand cut with a jig.
  • Sanding, sealing, and matching each blade by weight so that the fan is stable and durable.
  • Testing each fan to make sure that its balance, rotation, and sound absorption properties are of the highest quality possible.

As a fan is made, each blade is carefully checked for weight and matched with similarly-weighted blades, which eliminates wobble. Also, each fan uses aircraft-quality bearings, contributing further to each fan's stability and whisper-quiet nature.

Energy Efficiency and Luxury

Energy efficiency is another feature that makes our fans luxurious. Cheaper ceiling fans use an AC motor, which can cost around $.03/hour to run. All of our fans use a DC motor, which is quieter and 70% more energy efficient. Also, these motors are more durable and will last longer than a lower-quality fan that is using an AC motor.

Luxury Ceiling Fans Used Around the World

Designers, builders, and those in the hospitality industries prefer Timber Fans over the alternative. Not only do luxury fans from Timber Fans add value to a room, they also can make it easier to make a newer home look modern. Timber Fans works with hospitality locations throughout the world, as well as designers and builders. Timber Fans is also a family-owned business, with more than twenty years worth of history and experience.