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Quietest Ceiling Fans

Sometimes, homeowners tend to notice different types of noises with their ceiling fan. These noises are usually the result of a variety of different issues. Sometimes, it can be the engineering design and lack of precision product. Other types of noises can be the result of dampening between the different parts of the system. If you are looking for a quieter ceiling fan system, check out some of the different wooden ceiling fans that we offer. Our timber ceiling fans are designed with precision product, delivering a ceiling fan system that does not create excessive noise within your home.

Why Our Whisper-Quiet Ceiling Fan System Uses Timber Blades

Ceiling fans made with timber blades offer a wide variety of benefits for homeowners. Mainly, timber blades are much quieter than metal or plastic blades. In terms of aesthetic designs, our collection of timber blade ceiling fans look beautiful because of the texture, grain, and natural material. These fans are handcrafted with expertise and care for unsurpassed quality. These fans are handmade, meaning that they are handcrafted with expertise and a great deal of care goes into how they are made and built.

The Value of a Quieter Fan System

In addition to the handmade nature of our timber fan system, there are several other benefits that come along with purchasing one of these fans. They use a DC motor, which is quieter than other ceiling fans. A quieter ceiling fan also raises the overall value of your room.

How We Ensure High-Quality, Whisper-Quiet Ceiling Fans

Craftsmanship and considered design feature in each of our ceiling fans. Learn more about Timber Fans and our premium range here. Here is how we ensure that you get a whisper-quiet ceiling fan from start to finish:

  • Each fan blade is hand-cut using a jig and blades are matched for grain texture and weight.
  • Each blade is sand and sealed and the weight is checked again to make sure that the blades are a good match for the fan with which they will be used.
  • Before the fan is assembled, each motor goes through a rigorous inspection to make sure that it is of good quality.
  • Each fan is hand-assembled, giving the fan its final form.
  • During the quality control phase, each fan is tested for things like balance and sound pressure. Ceiling fans that are not whisper-quiet do not make it to our customers.

Australia's Choice for Whisper-Quiet Ceiling Fans

Timber Fans uses Paulownia for its ceiling fans. Not only is this wood fast growing, but it is environmentally friendly. Builders and designers love using these fans for home projects for their value, quality, and aesthetics. Our products are also highly-rated for hospitality because of their design and quiet nature. Use any of these fans in an existing home, a new build, or any space for beautiful aesthetic and quiet function.